Security Products


David Davis Communications offers various security solutions to protect your business. We use technology to secure your business so you focus on serving your customers and building a strong organization. David Davis Communications will demonstrate the usage of these security technologies prior to installation.

Access Control

ESI Doorbox with Fob

Access Control systems are an important decision to safeguard your company's valuable resources. The increase in security is a benefit for all who work and invest in the company. David Davis Communications offers worry-free access control systems which match your company’s requirements. Our products offer a reputation for ease of use and reliability. Companies who invest in access control systems can enjoy the benefits of extra security without that additional administration. Customers can use the software to monitor who is entering and exiting the facility and at what time. This software can be used to set allowed entry times and restrict areas to approved employees.


Mini Security Camera

David Davis Communications offers professional grade video servers and DVR systems. Whether your business requires a few analog cameras or a multi-site IP camera system, David Davis Communications offers you a solution. Our video surveillance systems utilize the most advanced digital video compression technologies to bring to you the highest picture quality performance. Our server-based systems can be scaled to meet the needs of our customers. Multiple systems can be networked to reach these needs. A map of the floor plan can be used to observe a live feed, or recorded video can be made from a local monitor, web client, and smartphone. As important as selecting the correct control unit is choosing the correct cameras. We work with you to understand what operations and functions the camera must be capable of doing. There are cameras that are made for covering long distances, wide areas, bright areas, low-light areas, Covert Cameras, or indoor and outdoor cameras. David Davis Communications creates video solutions using our understanding of your needs, selecting the correct equipment, and our experiences.